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Integrated farming system

At present farmers concentrate mainly on single crop production. Integration of various agricultural enterprises ie., Cropping, animal husbandry fishery forestry have great potential in the agricultural economy. The farm waste are better recycled for productive purpose in the integrated system.
A judicious mix of agricultural enterprises like Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Fishery, Sericulture, Suited to given Agro-Climatic conditions and Socio economic status of the farmers would bring prosperity in the farming.

We provide professional service in setting up a full fledged farm through integrated farming system.

our services will cover all aspects from initial consultation through design, implementation and on-going maintenance. we also extend our service till the extraction of yield from all our activities.
Advantages of Integrated farming system
  • high food production
  • increase farm income
  • regular stable income through vegetables, fruits, milk, mushroom, honey, egg and silk worm